Baby-Family Photography |
Candace Wolfenbarger | Sanford NC Newborn Photographer

Hey everybody!  I'm Candace and I'm glad you're here! 

You already know I'm a photographer.  I'm also a WIFE and a MOM.

What began as the need to savor and document every new smile and milestone, evolved into an outlet for creativity and a remedy for long days at home with the kids.  I have a strong sense of how fleeting time is and I want to remember every moment and touch and feeling.  

Photography has fulfilled my desire to capture wonderful mommy moments and God's creation in the most beautiful way possible.

These days, I am enjoying capturing moments-in-time for other people through this business.  

Currently, it is my greatest joy to share beautiful imagery of  your family with you.  

Contact me today so we can create beautiful artwork of your loved ones that will last for generations. 

P.S.  Click the button below to see my beautiful family - with a healthy dose of beach, lake, boutique clothing, fresh flowers, antique treasures, pretty fonts, pretty things and an occasional pretty plate of food thrown in the mix...not cooked by me - I burn pretty much everything I cook.  It is not picture worthy - take my word for it. :)


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