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Phoebe Hope | Sanford NC Newborn Photographer

 Best newborn photographer Candace Wolfenbarger photographs baby girl.

I met Phoebe's mom several years ago when my own girls were small and were in activities with Phoebe's big sister, Jozie!  They are such a sweet family.

I had to steal this from Rebecca's (mom's)  Facebook page because it really struck me that if Phoebe lives up to the commentary used here, she would be an awful lot like her mom and grandmother!

In case you were wondering, Phoebe's name was not inspired by the show "Friends", rather it is a woman I greatly admire from the bible. In Romans 16:1 Paul sings her praises as a "‘deaconess of the Church which is at Cenchrea’; one commentator says about her that "in that capacity, by gentle ministrations and the exhibition of purity and patient love, as well as by the gracious administration of material help, (Phoebe)had been a ‘succourer of many.’ There is a whole world of unmentioned kindnesses and a life of self-devotion hidden away under these few words."

In my mind, Phoebe is synonymous with Godly service. It is a name to live into.

 She certainly has good role models to look towards that demonstrate this Godly service and kindness!

 Best newborn photographer in Sanford NC photographs baby girl for family.

The dress that Phoebe is pictured in above is a dress her mom actually wore as an infant!  I think that is so special!

 Best photographer for newborns, Candace Wolfenbarger, photographs newborn baby girl in studio.

It was so nice to meet you, Phoebe  Hope!

 Perfect newborn poses for amazing newborn photographer Candace Wolfenbarger.

Gibson Family | Sanford NC Family Photographer

Buchanan Family | Sanford NC Family Photographer

Buchanan Family | Sanford NC Family Photographer