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Barstow Family | Sanford NC Family Photographer

Barstow Family | Sanford NC Family Photographer

When I first got an inquiry for this session, I had no idea what a treat I was in for! A mom was inquiring about pictures for her family - she and her husband and their two sons!  We set it up and we were all looking forward to it - and then the forecast...cold and rainy!

I didn't know Carol, but when I asked if she wanted to reschedule, she said, no, I think it will be fine, let's go for it!  I said, okay, I'm up for it if you are!

We got to the location ... it was starting to rain!  Luckily, we found a shed to provide shelter for the first photos!

  Brothers sit among fallen trees during Sanford NC family session. 

And then, the rain stopped!

 Sanford NC family gathers in front of a barn during session. 

We were able to walk around and take pictures like a normal session within five minutes of the session starting!

I'd say that deserves a thumbs up!

 Parents and children group together for family photo in a Sanford NC field. 
 Sanford Family stands hand in hand for family photo. 

It was such a treat for me to experience the sweet spirit and camaraderie of this family.

 Parents hug on children during Sanford family photography session with Candace Wolfenbarger. 

And a wonderful thing happened before the session ended...the sun appeared!  We were so thankful to God for that wonderful display of His beauty!

I also witnessed something else beautiful that afternoon, and that was pure affection between these two!  I just loved the way they looked at each other!

 Parents snuggle on picnic table during family photo session in Sanford NC. 

Russell and Isaac, you made my job very easy!  Thanks for being such wonderful listeners!

barstow blog 8
barstow blog 8
 Boy shows off personality smiling for photographer.
 Brother stands on one foot during Sanford NC family photography session. 
 Brothers hug in field in Sanford NC. 
 Beautiful family portrait is captured by Sanford NC photographer.
 Mother and father both snap photos with sons during family photography session.
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